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Evolve is an independent telecom consultant that can offer just about any telecom carrier option available. We work for our clients and are compensated by the Carriers once a project is completed.


  • We are your one stop telecom shop: Instead of dealing with multiple sales reps from multiple carriers, you can deal with just one.  We are able to sell multiple carriers, so if a combination of three different carriers is the best fit for your business, we can coordinate all the orders because we represent them all.

  • Easy to compare: Because we deal with all carriers, we understand the differences of using one carrier over the other.  Thus, giving you a truly unbiased opinion and easy to compare side by side analysis outlining your options. 

  • Higher Rate of Satisfaction: Because our business is built on the long term relationships that we develop with our clients, and not just the immediate sale, we can deliver a higher level of satisfaction for our customers.  

  • Single Point of Contact: We will be your single point of contact when you have service related issues.  

Key Resources & Telarus Staff

Ken Romero


As a 40 year veteran in the Telecom & IT industry, Ken is anxious and excited to support your efforts and initiatives to continue improving your business success.

Josh Crow.png
Josh Crow

Service Support Manager

"CenturyLink Specialist"

As a CenturyLink Specialist, Josh obtains quotes, submits orders, ensures implementation follow-up, and completes fulfillment of new CenturyLink services.

Jo Branch

VP - Operations

Responsible for ensuring that the support between Carriers and our team goes as smoothly as possible.  This entails trouble shooting, escalations, negations, as well as helping design custom network solutions.

Josh Lupresto

VP - Engineering

Responsible for driving solution-based projects.  Josh helps architect and design custom network and cloud solutions.  With hands on experience with many IAAS providers, Josh not only knows how the latest technologies operate, but he knows how to explain them in a clear way to our customers.

Monique Skordas

Success Manager

Monique creates metrics and milestones to ensure efficiencies & effectiveness within the  operations team as well as tracking and reporting on these metrics and trends. She understands client needs for each project and engages engineering, project management, and specialty group assistance as needed.

Jim Alexander.jpg
Jim Alexander

Order & Billing Analyst

Jim oversees unique billing circumstances and helps manage ongoing Orders for critical projects.  He brings valuable experience and industry knowledge to the team while proactively keeping up with industry technologies.

Brinton Gundersen_edited_edited.jpg
Brinton Gundersen
Todd Bussio 2.jpg
Todd Bussio

Lead Engineer

Provides support through the design and engineering of complex network and voice solutions for customers. This includes recommending enterprise network design, architecture, SD-WAN and UcaaS solutions, along with VoIP readiness assessments and network diagnostics. Works with clients to architect and design enterprise and complex network and cloud solutions.

Support Manager

As a Support Manager, Todd prepares customer quotes, negotiates supplier pricing, and ensures fulfillment of new orders by Service Providers.

Tyson Romero (49 of 51).jpg
Tyson Romero

Marketing Director

Responsibilities include the planning, coordinating and the execution of marketing programs that support organizational & client objectives.

These Duties include, 

  • design and develop marketing materials 

  • help prepare and conduct product presentations

  • help plan, coordinate and participate in marketing events

  • update company website and social media tools

Curtis Romero

I.T. Director

Responsible for provisioning, installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance of internal systems hardware, software, process and related infrastructure.

Kathleen Alexander.jpg
Kathleen Alexander

Billing Analyst

Specializing in all things CenturyLink, Kathleen brings key insight to complex client projects including proposals, Orders, audits and remediation.  She maintains close supervision over current accounts, ensuring client invoices are accurate, auditing of customer billing and issuing billing credits as necessary.


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